Graphic Design is Essential to your marketing Efforts

Each business, regardless of how enormous or little, is a brand. Furthermore, marks put themselves out there in a large number of ways. From one perspective you have verbal articulation—the words that include your message and the voice where it’s passed on. Also, then again you have visual—the tones, pictures, images, typography, and format that make up your image character.

Every one of these aspects—the verbal and the visual—assumes a focal part in forming the story your image advises to the world. Similarly as the verbal builds a convincing account that uncovers your image’s character, so does the visual make a stylish system roused by your image’s characterizing qualities. Visual computerization is the formation of the visual language of your image.

Great visual depiction empowers you to pass on your message in nonverbal manners that are wonderful and critical. It considers the exceedingly significant component of consistency all through the different touchpoints by means of which your image is communicated. While we are each day pushing toward an all-advanced world, the truth of the matter is a huge piece of promoting still happens disconnected. A decent creator guarantees that your personality is predictable both on the web and off.

On the web

The online world has carried another measurement to visual computerization and brand articulation. Never again is plan an uneven encounter, an extended message from object to subject. Natural for the advanced domain is the component of collaboration, a rationalization trade between the client and the medium. The best creators comprehend this reality, and use it as the beginning stage for all that they make. They exploit the powerful idea of computerized, and imbue your image personality with stimulus. A durable way to deal with visual communication ought to reach out across your online endeavors, including:

Your site and expanded online presence

Web index promoting efforts

Email advertising efforts

Web-based media stages and drives


We may be tearing unavoidably towards a computerized just world, yet until the day our psyches are transferred to the framework, we’ll generally have one foot in the actual universe. As it identifies with promoting, that implies print creation is perfectly healthy. No business exists completely on the web. Furthermore, the abilities it takes to plan for actual print guarantee are not a similar it takes to assemble a cool site. Whenever the situation allows, best to work with a visual architect can deal with your disconnected way of life just as your online presence. There’s no lack of manners by which customary promoting can work for you:

Business Cards



Showcasing guarantee


Exhibition Displays

From the web to the tradeshow floor, there are incalculable touchpoints where your image meets the world. At every one of these cases, it’s significant that your business is addressed such that causes individuals to pay attention. Working with a visual fashioner to assist with making a brand character that is however wonderful as it could be extraordinary is a significant venture.

Avoid 5 Marketing Mistakes website isn't Getting Traffic

Avoid 5 Marketing Mistakes website isn’t Getting Traffic

Hear it out; People won’t visit your website simply because it exists!
So, you’ve got launched your website and created attractive layouts in a beautiful manner to welcome your visitors. Once you determine a business’s credibility hooked into the standard of your website, this isn’t something you’ll wing on the fly.

Not having visitors on your website may be a major risk of lower traffic, fewer conversions, and fading into Insignificance. Majority of the business owners make similar mistakes once they launch a replacement website. Here are 5 of the foremost common mistakes that you simply could be making for not getting website traffic.

Not Having a Mobile Responsiveness Website
Your website could be looking superb on a desktop, but what about those users who are signing from a mobile or another device? Ignoring mobile-friendliness on an internet site may be a complete turn-off for your website traffic. Having mobile responsiveness means your website will automatically change to suit the dimensions of the multiple devices getting used by the users.

Dead Call-To-Action Buttons
Including CTA is that the most essential part of your website but having CTA at the incorrect place is nearly as good as dead. Most web designers don’t add the CTA buttons correctly and it leads to misguiding the website visitors. Guiding a transparent direction on what to try to do next to provide an incentive for the user to travel in-depth into your conversion funnel. confirm to stay your CTA compelling to reinforce your conversion rates and generate good traffic to your site.

You are Ignoring Website SEO

Another major mistake is Ignoring SEO practices to your website and you’ll find yourself ensuring that your website doesn’t get traffic. It puts you at risk of a reduction or a penalty from Google. Save yourself from blacklisted search results by implementing best Seo practices. you’ll also choose the simplest SEO company in Australia to Prioritize an honest user experience and a long-term strategy.

Poor Content Quality

So, despite having such a lot of content on your site, you’re not getting visitors on your site? top quality Content is that the most vital recipe to drive traffic to your website. If your content isn’t relevant, engaging, and attractive enough to people to your website then it won’t generate traffic to your website. Providing valuable content to potential customers by engaging them together with your blogs, answering their questions, providing solutions to their problems, then more. Hence, your content must be relevant to your audience, cover the subject sufficiently, be well-written, engage readers and drive traffic to your website.

Leaving your Website un-audited

Are you not doing the health checkup of your website? a bit like your own health, your website too needs a digital checkup to perform well. Performing an internet site audit is important and keeps you updated about the issues your site could be facing. From spelling errors to broken links, everything is often found out before it damages your website traffic. you’ll also choose an internet development company in Australia for better results.

Improve Your ECommerce Website Business

How to More Improve Your ECommerce Website Business

Last week, I shared 5 Steps to assist You Build an eCommerce Store. Building on that basis, I’ll show you how to improve your eCommerce website in this article.

The fact that most customers are online almost all the time is one of the main reasons it’s time to maintain an eCommerce website. consistent with Absolunet’s COVID-19 x eCommerce Report sales have jumped:

+105% in sports equipment
+106% in Furniture and residential Decor
+160% in Food and restaurants
+161% in Appliances, Electronics, Building Materials, and DIY
Many people who were previously compelled to shop online because to COVID-19 will continue to do so since they are accustomed to the convenience and ease of it.

Your audience will be spending a lot of time online, therefore here are some typical issues that usually crop up and how to improve your e-commerce store:

1. You’re on the incorrect platform.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the top e-commerce website builders, which let you make and manage an eCommerce website without any coding or design experience. Basically, you drag and drop text and pictures into a template.

Among the most well-known and well-liked eCommerce website builders are:

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Shopify
  4. Weebly
  5. Square Online Store

While many non-professionals like to recommend using these DIY site builders, there are some disadvantages to them, including:

Lack of customization. There are restrictions on what you can and cannot do, so your website can appear somewhat generic and lack the distinctive elements of a professionally created website. Limited sub-navigation. Squarespace, for instance, only allows one sub-navigation. Therefore, larger websites that need a more complex menu hierarchy shouldn’t use it. Non-transferable features. Moving your website away from well-known eCommerce website builders can be exceedingly challenging and expensive, especially if your company has developed and you would want something different. Lack of ownership control. Not only is your website hosted on a third-party platform, but you also don’t officially own your own data. Even if you violate their terms and conditions unintentionally, your website may suddenly crash and you won’t be able to recover your important files. Poor SEO Optimization. Typically drag and drop website builders create tons of excess code, which adversely affects the site’s organic reach in search engines. Furthermore, some third-party builders may not provide the necessary tracking codes for accurate SEO and SEM monitoring. Hidden Costs. Frequently, what looks good on the surface is the allure of free or inexpensive monthly costs. But unless you pay more for them, there’s usually a cap on the amount of pages or features that’s accessible. Sadly, many small business owners who were lured by the free or low tag find themselves stuck on a platform that just doesn’t work for them and that’s once they address us for help. Please let us know if that has occurred to you.

If you choose the right expert website building business, you’ll have a stunning and useful online store that will increase sales and make you happy. It will be different from the competition, perfectly represent your branding, and be prepared to expand with your company.

READ: 5 Steps to assist You Build an eCommerce Store

Approximately 28.1 million Canadians made purchases online between 2017 and the end of 2019. That is a huge number of people that visit websites and, if they like what they see, open their wallets.

However, the process involves more than just purchasing a domain name and stuffing your website with goods and services. There are considerations for content and technical factors to navigate.

Do you employ an expert or do it yourself using a website builder? do you have to stick with SEO or specialize in paid ads too?

I’ve assisted numerous buyers in starting profitable internet businesses as a small business owner. So I’m sharing this five-step guide to starting a web business with you to form the method clearer and fewer stressful.

2. Your site isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Your visitors want to land on a beautiful site with an intuitive layout so as to realize their trust that you simply are a reputable online store.

According to a Kissmetric study, 93% of buyers consider visual appearance to be the foremost important factor when making a purchase!

The brand rules should be adhered to by your web design, including the text type, logo, and artwork used.

Additionally, you want to make it as easy as possible for prospective customers to find out what you have to offer. Nobody wants to possess to click through pages and pages to seek out a product or service, or to navigate a posh maze of menu items.

3. The user experience isn’t the simplest.

There’s more to the web user experience than making menus easy to navigate (although that’s a part of it too). additionally, to have an intuitive layout that flows from page to page, you would like to also:

1. Strive for perfection when it involves customer service. answer questions and

complaints fast and resolve issues as soon as you’ll.

Consider using a chatbot, which allows business owners to supply responses and solutions

and even generate leads and sales-24/7 through automated customer service live chat.

2. Confirm you’ve got informative About Us in-tuned with|and make contact with|and call|and phone|and speak to”> and obtain in touch with Us page so your visitors can learn more about and contact you at any time they need to. Having your photo (and your team members’ if applicable) on your About Us page is often a warm thanks to welcome visitors to your site.

I also recommend having your customer service telephone number visible on every page of your site. This is a great example of how to convey the priceless trust you hope to build with your guests.

3. Give your clients access to information about what you represent or return to the community in order to foster trust.

For example, we truly believe in giving back by offering our services also as financial donations to assist support several charities and not-for-profit organizations. That’s why we’ve donated our services and provided reduced-rate sponsorships to a variety of local organizations.

We share how we’re socially responsible in our About Us sub-menu.

The more pleasant and seamless you create the user experience, the more leads and sales you’ll get.

Of course, there are tons more to starting a web-based business than what I’m ready to cover here! You’ll also want to supply your visitors with:

1.Well written product titles and descriptions
2.Strong calls to action
3.Fresh SEO content like blog articles and tips
4.Video content – especially if they demonstrate the merchandise you’re selling
5.Relevant social media posts (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) that attract followers back to your website
6.Benefit-driven testimonials and merchandise reviews

So this is often just a part of a much bigger marketing strategy you’ll get to consider as you maintain an eCommerce website. Contact us to seek out out how we will help with all of those things and more.


E-Commerce Industry is a Global Growing

E-commerce is a global growing at a speedy rate in the entire world. Ecommerce experiences unprecedented growth year after year. New markets emerge annually around the globe.

The e-commerce industry is continuously growing worldwide. With each passing day, new e-commerce markets are emerging and established markets are reaching new heights.

Almost all of the countries are benefited from emerging technologies.

The top 10 developed countries in the world have availed and adapted the technology and can force further growth in the eCommerce business.

China is the current largest e-commerce market, with an estimated $672 billion in online sales each year. Other market leaders are the USA, UK, France, Germany, etc.

New trends in e-commerce, including the use of technology like the internet of things, will help the industry grow.

The eCommerce industry is the most lucrative business of 21 st Century. It has long ago shifted from the tiresome offline experience to the much comfortable, cost-effective, and stylish trend as everything bought or sold just a touch of a screen of a mobile phone.

The global electronic trade is continuously growing at an enormous pace. The e-retrial commerce sales worldwide reached in trillion dollars and in projected to grow more in the years to come. According to a survey the eCommerce grew by 18+ percent globally.

Consumers are spending through e-commerce in trillions of dollars. The global web sales are still growing faster than expected. The internet retailer projected an increase of more than 15%.

The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day. The developing countries are expecting to grow more in the years to come. People all over the world understand the benefit of online shopping and trading. According to one survey the countries with the leading average e-commerce revenue per shoppers are Japan, Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, France, and Brazil.

A global retail sale has grown at a rapid speed. The top global e-commerce retailers are from the US, China, and Germany.

The top online store business amounted to billions of dollars.

The top giant retailer company’s focus on delivering value, They brought customers much more selection than possible in a physical presenting. Now it is easy to browse and much easier to search for a product, its features with just a click of a button without any time or location constraints.

The big giant retailer’s companies are now able to develop long-term relationships with their clients.

The eCommerce companies do not charge for their entry-level and charge only for their special services in marketing and technical support.

Developing countries such a Pakistan is growing in this field. The number of users of the internet and mobile phones is increasing. There is still an untapped market. There are many obstacles which to be removed for the smooth running of the eCommerce business in Pakistan.

The government should take the necessary steps to facilitate the people to get the desired goods and services online without any hassle.

The government should more exportable products to earn foreign exchange. In this way the country will be flourished and its economy boosted.

Actually, it is the state’s responsibility to promote e-commerce in the country and to provide the opportunity to the citizens for tapping the emerging technologies, eCommerce market to compete in the local as well as in the international market.

business growth in Australia

5 Key Steps You Need to Take To Accelerate Your Business Growth in Australia

You always dream about starting your own business, which is why you ditch the 9-5 traditional route and entered entrepreneurship. After putting in all the effort, you managed to establish your own business, but you did not receive the same response you are expecting to get. Your business growth remained stagnant. Does all this seem familiar? If yes, then you are not alone because this happens with most business owners.

Want to overcome this problem? You are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about five steps you need to take to speed up your business growth in Australia.

1.     Know Your Customer Better

The key to the success of any business depends on how effectively they understand their customers and their needs. The more you know about your customer preferences the better services and products you can offer them. Spend time and resources in developing a buyer persona and charting out the buyer journey. Develop a depth understanding of your customer needs, wants, and biggest pain points so you can launch hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and launch products that your customer want.

2.     Deliver More Value

Irrespective of which industry you operate in, you might come across some competition. One of the best steps for business growth is to deliver more value than your competitor. This not only helps you gain new customers quickly but also helps you stand out from the crowd. You can offer some extras and special discounts and offers to both new and existing customers.

3.     Diversify Your Product Offerings

There are businesses that serve a niche market. When you are offering products or services which caters to the specific need of a portion of a population, it is more difficult to generate higher revenue and speed up business growth. Business owners can easily overcome this problem by diversifying their product lines and offerings.

4.     Create Buzz

One of the main differences between a startup and an established business is popularity. More people know about a popular brand than a new startup. As a new business owner, you need to minimize that gap by making some noise. Create hype before product launches and capitalize on it by following it up with product presentation and promotion.

According to a Sydney based web design agency, Your goal should be to increase awareness about your brand and build trust with your customers. Turn your satisfied customers into brand advocates by delivering a wonderful experience so they can paint a positive picture of your brand amongst their friends and family members.

5.     Form Strategic Partnerships

What if you are competing against an industry leader who enjoys a monopolistic status? The best way is to form a strategic partnership with brands that align with your brand’s philosophy, mission, and vision. It gives you access to a new customer base and allows you to promote your products and services to them. If done correctly, these strategic partnerships could take your business to new heights.

How do you take your business to the next level? Let us know in the comments section below.

Survival of The Smartest – Why You Need Professional Digital Marketing Services For Your Small Business?

While it may appear simple running a small coffee shop or bakery or any small business for that reason, in reality, it’s much complicated and can only be understood by a person who has actually experienced it. Honestly, more than the core business itself, the process of handling the other stuff like marketing consumes the most time.

Now, if you have had such experience of venturing into a small startup we know you would be able to relate the experience with anxious days and sleepless nights in hope to gain a little more market penetration and to be able to attract few more customers. Now, below we will be looking at ways how small businesses can increase their presence in the online industry; because frankly, that’s one avenue that offers unlimited growth opportunity for local startups and small businesses.

The first aspect of getting a small business online is to get a professional looking website. Perhaps, we don’t need to emphasize the importance of a website for online business as website represent your online shop (just like brick and mortar store) where future customers will land and browse through your products and services. So, to be able to welcome and impress the visitors on your website, you’ll need professional web developers and designers to perform some magic in this aspect. Now the reason why we specifically mentioned professional web design and development services is that you need industry experts with years of experience to be able to create something unique and appealing for customers (remember, there will be hundreds of businesses offering similar products/services and you would have to compete with them).

And not to forget, it isn’t a one time job because as an online store you would like to continuously update products/services because that’s an important part of making the sales. And with already so much at your hands, how do you plan to create an effective digital marketing strategy to market your business and back the campaign with tangible metrics with our professionals working for you?

Well, you simply don’t require to get into this fuss…

That’s precisely why many startups and local businesses turn to professionals to create and improve digital marketing strategy.

Now, while hiring professional digital marketing agency might be a compulsion, however, when talking about small businesses the primary concern always remain the cost. So, is it really a cost-effective solution? Won’t it be too expensive for the budgetary constraints of most small businesses?


While the price might intimidate businesses at first, in pure economics measures, it’s definitely worth the investment. That’s simply because once you succeed in creating an effective digital marketing strategy, you can count on it to give your business the boost that’s many folds larger than your investment. And lest not we forget that by outsourcing the digital marketing strategy to professional agencies, you save precious time to invest in core business activities.

Why you need a digital marketing strategy?

Still not convinced to go with a digital marketing agency? Well, we understand the anxiety you might be feeling due to the costs involved in here. So, let’s just give you a broad overview of some of the benefits that you would be cherished by partnering with digital marketing professionals.

Now, we believe that since you are running a small business, you must be well aware of the highs and lows of the business and in all the years that you have worked in the industry, you would know the importance of marketing your business to the right audience in the right way, right?

However, with so much already at your hands, do you really think you have the “Time” or “Capacity” to truly lead the marketing and sales strategy? Because at the end of the day, it isn’t anybody else b but you who would gain or lose. So, if you really think that you aren’t the right guy to strategize the marketing and sales strategy for the business, then you need to invest in professionals.

Lastly, even at times when you are getting higher sales and feel content with the performance, there comes a time when you need to expand your horizons or you’ll lose ground. And while you look out to expand the business footprint, a professional digital marketing company can help you explore new horizons in a better-researched way.

Want to know the key metrics?

Key Business Metrics

Perhaps one of the most pressing features of digital marketing services is the tangibility of key metrics. Whether it’s the bounce rate, click-thru rate, and average time spend by visitors landing on your website or conversion rate all of these key metrics that indicate the success or failure of the campaign can be measured.

A professional digital marketing agency will be able to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your small business that is aligned with your business needs. Apart from executing the strategy, the agency will also be responsible to keep tracing the key metrics of the campaign and take timely actions against any low-performing campaign to ensure your business is able to achieve the most KPIs. More than anything else, you will be provided with tangible and quantified reports showing the performance of the campaign in numbers, so you stay alert with the progress of the campaign.

Benefits of digital marketing agency!

So, now that we are reaching somewhere, here are few pointers to consolidate the effectiveness of reliable and experienced digital marketing agency Sydney for small businesses:

  • Build an online reputation
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Transform your business into a brand
  • Automate the marketing process
  • Create engaging campaigns
  • Plan, implement and track marketing ROIs
  • Increase leads & Revenues

Ready to aim for new horizons?

Well, let’s just simplify the equation. As a small business owner, you need to reach to the right audience, be present at the right platform and create a marketing strategy that relates to the business model as well as the targeted audience. And while you may think it’s achievable with a DIY project, going with professional digital marketing services will certainly reveal you with better results across all key metrics.

At Starlinks, we understand what it takes to create an effective digital marketing strategy. We have the resources and experts that can help your business reach new horizons by leveraging the power of digital marketing.

Start Now!


Digital media, now playing an imperative role inside the multi-channel campaigns.

Digital marketing’s discipline is intended for people who have a spark and deep inclination towards the world wide web. In case you got an e-mail offering a selection of websites to contact for wallpapers or music you are not new to the world of the advertising world. It’s also become one of the primary career choices in the situation. Digital media, such as internet e-mail, radio, and television, now playing an imperative role inside the multi-channel campaigns. Internet marketing’s popularity can be gleaned from the fact that plan or no advertising spending budget might be considered complete unless it contains the part.

Companies need people who can effectively plan & direct online campaigns and execute them judiciously. Web advertising encompasses a diversified range of specialized fields, like internet search engine optimization, internet search engine marketing, custom designing, e-commerce solutions, e-mail marketing and copywriting. There are many opportunities that now exist in the digital advertising world. There are digital agencies in Gurgaon, where there is no shortage of internet advertising jobs. There’s great scope for experts to do enriching work. What’s more, the jobs in Gurgaon are and the best thing is that these jobs pay workers salary packages.

There are many digital advertising bureaus such as A global 360, in Gurgaon, etc. Internet advertising job functions. You should note that the job function for every designation is challenging and distinct. The digital online marketing field is continuously evolving and with time, brand new career opportunities will likely emerge in the field. Therefore, it’s significant to have the right ability to evolve yourself with the digital online marketing world. 5 million projects are expected to be created from the digital online marketing space by 2016. India is emerging as a strong digital outsourcing hub for various services, such as copywriting, website design and social network.

Now, both companies and consumers are increasingly shifting their focus to the online world. As per this report of Google India, at present, India has over 200 million online users and by 2018, 50% of the nation’s population would get connected throughout the internet. Digital online marketing became a big source of social interaction, entertainment, news, etc. Therefore, it’s feasible to tap a lot of individuals through this source. As conventional advertising strategies are gradually going nowhere, the digital online advertising scope is expanding at a fast rate. It’s anticipated that in 2015, visually appealing content, facts, pictures, etc, are going to rise at a tremendous pace.

About the author:

Taimoor Khan is a senior digital marketing expert with over 5 years of experience working in the digital marketing industry. He is currently associated with Starlinks – A graphic design company Sydney.


You Can Exhibit Your Website Just in Few Seconds

It’s proven to be significant for every business and each to have their existence on the web. Not only big and small companies, but several individuals have their personal web site nowadays. Everyone can agree that communication plays a key to the success of entrepreneurship or business. The way to keep your customers is through the web. Then you need to choose an inexpensive website design for the same if you wish to give your business a boost and spread consciousness about it. A website design provides you an option to promote your products and services to millions of customers through online and lets you represent your business, products or services online.

Websites capture prospective customers and aid you in hitting on their vulnerability. This is among the most effective and realistic ways of scattering consciousness about your company services and products and for attracting a broad range of traffic. These designs are admired because receive the optimal and everybody wants to conserve money from each bug. These inexpensive websites precisely do the same as pricey ones. The cheap website design provides you the utmost publicity necessary for your business, to build up your business, to fulfill or get in contact with more manufacturing partners and clients to amplify your database, to restrict a broader marketplace and possible customers, for developing a new name for your business, for promotion, advertising and open relationship work and far more.

Previously in advertising, people used to try Hit and Trial procedures. Earlier they used to pay out big Quantities on online marketing strategies uncertain whether or not it’ll be flourishing and will be competent to rope in clients. In this way, Exactly the capital on Exactly the unproductive strategies was misused and wasn’t able to overlook power, time along with other resources. And on the other hand, an internet site design, especially a custom website design, is reasonable and complete packages that may serve all of your needs and expectations. It is a never-ending process as the internet works for 24/7/365 days.

You can exhibit your website just in few seconds anyplace and anytime to all of your prospective clients. Therefore, it’s a prompt and affordable business approach. You can continuously test whether your company or your product or your service is victorious and whether the clients are pleased and satisfied with that. This could also be done, by especially providing a feedback option on your site, where clients can provide their first-hand experience on the quality of one’s business services and products.


Why Content Marketing is a better investment – Tips for successful content marketing Campaign

Content marketing is one of the best practices to market your online business and reach the target audience at the global stage. Now for many businesses content marketing is a part of SEO suite, which by the way isn’t completely false. However, when we talk about content marketing, we are actually discussing one of the safest and surest routes towards online business marketing, which can deliver results without any other associated SEO services.

Now, one of the biggest difference between SEO services and content marketing includes:

–           Content marketing is one investment that doesn’t really get affected by changing search engine algorithms. Yup, when you invest in high-quality content marketing, you are actually investing in a timeless asset that will continue to help you grow search engine ranking organically without being affected by changes in algorithms. I am not making this up myself, rather this is what I was told by a digital marketing expert who works at a leading digital marketing agency offering complete SEO services in Wellington and Auckland. I met this guy at a conference in Auckland and he was damn sure about the viability and effectiveness of content marketing.

Now this means that instead of investing in short-run SEO services or what we know as paid marketing to achieve better results, you actually need to invest in content marketing that will pay-off in the longer run. Ok, I am by no mean saying that SEO is dead, definitely not. SEO is well alive and here to stay, however, it does change its form and features over the years. Each year Google rolls out one major update with various intermediate changes in the algorithm and every time the algorithm is updated, it seems like you have to restart all over again. Contrarily, content marketing is one of the associated SEO technique that remains consistently powerful and delivers results in a longer run.

How to initiate an effective content marketing campaign?

Here are three of the smart tips for content marketing:

–           Detailed Content

Last time I interviewed a digital marketer offering SEO services in Sydney, he seems convinced of the utility and effectiveness of lengthy and detailed content. As per him, the age of generic, small and keyword centric blogs, articles is over. You can’t expect to generate traffic or acquire quality backlinks on smaller content that don’t offer any value. Rather, it’s time to invest in lengthy and detailed content that covers a specific topic completely and actually delivers some value to readers.

–           Infographics

Ok, this might not be strictly taken as content writing task, rather this is more of an intermediary between content writing and graphic designing. Now, leaving behind its genre, infographics are one of the most rewarding and appealing forms of content marketing with the potential to generate massive traffic to your website.

–           Social Media Profiles

You need to maintain a strong social media presence to be able to attract traffic and potential customers to your business website. If you take a look at the global business trend, you’ll witness that from the biggest business tycoons to the smartest young entrepreneurs maintain a strong content-based social profile to connect with their followers and endorse their business in a unique and catchy way.