E-Commerce Industry is a Global Growing

E-commerce is a global growing at a speedy rate in the entire world. Ecommerce experiences unprecedented growth year after year. New markets emerge annually around the globe.

The e-commerce industry is continuously growing worldwide. With each passing day, new e-commerce markets are emerging and established markets are reaching new heights.

Almost all of the countries are benefited from emerging technologies.

The top 10 developed countries in the world have availed and adapted the technology and can force further growth in the eCommerce business.

China is the current largest e-commerce market, with an estimated $672 billion in online sales each year. Other market leaders are the USA, UK, France, Germany, etc.

New trends in e-commerce, including the use of technology like the internet of things, will help the industry grow.

The eCommerce industry is the most lucrative business of 21 st Century. It has long ago shifted from the tiresome offline experience to the much comfortable, cost-effective, and stylish trend as everything bought or sold just a touch of a screen of a mobile phone.

The global electronic trade is continuously growing at an enormous pace. The e-retrial commerce sales worldwide reached in trillion dollars and in projected to grow more in the years to come. According to a survey the eCommerce grew by 18+ percent globally.

Consumers are spending through e-commerce in trillions of dollars. The global web sales are still growing faster than expected. The internet retailer projected an increase of more than 15%.

The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day. The developing countries are expecting to grow more in the years to come. People all over the world understand the benefit of online shopping and trading. According to one survey the countries with the leading average e-commerce revenue per shoppers are Japan, Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, France, and Brazil.

A global retail sale has grown at a rapid speed. The top global e-commerce retailers are from the US, China, and Germany.

The top online store business amounted to billions of dollars.

The top giant retailer company’s focus on delivering value, They brought customers much more selection than possible in a physical presenting. Now it is easy to browse and much easier to search for a product, its features with just a click of a button without any time or location constraints.

The big giant retailer’s companies are now able to develop long-term relationships with their clients.

The eCommerce companies do not charge for their entry-level and charge only for their special services in marketing and technical support.

Developing countries such a Pakistan is growing in this field. The number of users of the internet and mobile phones is increasing. There is still an untapped market. There are many obstacles which to be removed for the smooth running of the eCommerce business in Pakistan.

The government should take the necessary steps to facilitate the people to get the desired goods and services online without any hassle.

The government should more exportable products to earn foreign exchange. In this way the country will be flourished and its economy boosted.

Actually, it is the state’s responsibility to promote e-commerce in the country and to provide the opportunity to the citizens for tapping the emerging technologies, eCommerce market to compete in the local as well as in the international market.

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