Why Content Marketing is a better investment – Tips for successful content marketing Campaign

Content marketing is one of the best practices to market your online business and reach the target audience at the global stage. Now for many businesses content marketing is a part of SEO suite, which by the way isn’t completely false. However, when we talk about content marketing, we are actually discussing one of the safest and surest routes towards online business marketing, which can deliver results without any other associated SEO services.

Now, one of the biggest difference between SEO services and content marketing includes:

–           Content marketing is one investment that doesn’t really get affected by changing search engine algorithms. Yup, when you invest in high-quality content marketing, you are actually investing in a timeless asset that will continue to help you grow search engine ranking organically without being affected by changes in algorithms. I am not making this up myself, rather this is what I was told by a digital marketing expert who works at a leading digital marketing agency offering complete SEO services in Wellington and Auckland. I met this guy at a conference in Auckland and he was damn sure about the viability and effectiveness of content marketing.

Now this means that instead of investing in short-run SEO services or what we know as paid marketing to achieve better results, you actually need to invest in content marketing that will pay-off in the longer run. Ok, I am by no mean saying that SEO is dead, definitely not. SEO is well alive and here to stay, however, it does change its form and features over the years. Each year Google rolls out one major update with various intermediate changes in the algorithm and every time the algorithm is updated, it seems like you have to restart all over again. Contrarily, content marketing is one of the associated SEO technique that remains consistently powerful and delivers results in a longer run.

How to initiate an effective content marketing campaign?

Here are three of the smart tips for content marketing:

–           Detailed Content

Last time I interviewed a digital marketer offering SEO services in Sydney, he seems convinced of the utility and effectiveness of lengthy and detailed content. As per him, the age of generic, small and keyword centric blogs, articles is over. You can’t expect to generate traffic or acquire quality backlinks on smaller content that don’t offer any value. Rather, it’s time to invest in lengthy and detailed content that covers a specific topic completely and actually delivers some value to readers.

–           Infographics

Ok, this might not be strictly taken as content writing task, rather this is more of an intermediary between content writing and graphic designing. Now, leaving behind its genre, infographics are one of the most rewarding and appealing forms of content marketing with the potential to generate massive traffic to your website.

–           Social Media Profiles

You need to maintain a strong social media presence to be able to attract traffic and potential customers to your business website. If you take a look at the global business trend, you’ll witness that from the biggest business tycoons to the smartest young entrepreneurs maintain a strong content-based social profile to connect with their followers and endorse their business in a unique and catchy way.

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