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How to Create a best Landing Pages That Increases Your Conversions?

A landing page is usually the page created with the sole purpose of converting website traffic into leads. This means that when a user click on a call to action on your website, social media channel or any other marketing channel, they will directed to your landing page.

As a business, you can use the landing page for allowing users to make a purchase, subscribe for your newsletter or contact you via call or chat, register for an event or download an eBook by giving out their email address.

There are several benefits of having a landing page.

  • Support your business goals

Landing pages are custom designed with business goals in mind

  • Help businesses collect useful data about prospects

Landing pages provide you contact and personal information about prospects

  • Boost conversions

Landing pages can increase your conversions

  • Grow your email list

Landing pages enable you to collect more email addresses

  • Increases brand awareness

Landing pages can build credibility, trust, and boost brand awareness.

In this article, we share some of the best development tips for landing pages to help you convert more visitors into leads.

Minimalistic Design

One of the easy development tips for landing pages to keep the design as clean, simple and minimalistic as you can. This gives users some breathing space and save them from an eye sore. Landing pages with cluttered designs confuse users because there are so many elements crammed into a smaller space, which give users an eyesore. That is why web design company in Australia stick to simple designs.

Highlight the Value

One of the most common development tips for landing pages is tying one offer to each landing page. Unfortunately, what no one tell you is that you should highlight your unique selling proposition upfront. Users who visit your landing page are searching for some value and if you can provide them with that upfront, you can convert them into paying customers. Add social signals and trust signals such as reviews, testimonials, and success stories to convince visitors to make a purchase. Users want social proof which could show them that your product or service has also helped someone else solve their biggest problems.

Mobile Responsiveness

With a major chunk of users accessing the web through their mobile devices, having a mobile friendly landing page is a must. You do not want to miss out on most visitors who land on your website through mobile devices. A landing page which only loads perfectly on desktop and not only mobile is completely useless in today’s mobile centric world.

Reduce the Form Fields

No one likes to fill lengthy forms. If your lead form contains 10 or more form fields, no one would fill it. Minimize the number of form fields and only ask for information that you need. Users are more likely to fill a lead form which comprises of five form fields than filling a form with ten or more form fields.

What tactics do you use to increase conversions of your landing pages? Let us know in the comments section below.

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