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Which Payment Gateway You Should Choose for Your Business? 3 Options To Consider

Are you an online business owner who is worried about the safety of your customer data? Are you an online business owner who is looking for options to make your online transactions more secure and transparent? If yes, then payment gateway Australia is an ideal choice for you.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is basically a technique used to record and transfer payment data from customers to businesses. It is also used to accept or reject online transactions An online payment gateway verifies customer credit card details and ensure that there are enough funds available to make the transaction. In short, it serves as a middleman and gatekeeper. To keep everything safe, it encrypts the credit card information of your customers, so it stays safe during transit.

According to a No#1 web design company in Australia, you will learn about three payment gateways that are worth your time and money.

1.     Square

If you can look past its mediocre customer response and scrutiny, then this payment gateway offers you tons of advantages that none of its competitors offer. From effective reporting tools to end to end encryption, ability to store card information in a file to having access to a virtual terminal, next day business deposit facility to no additional charges for refund, Square tick many boxes.

If you are worried about chargebacks, it offers a chargeback protection plan that gives you $250 per month. It even offers you the facility of instantly deposit funds just by paying a nominal fee and comes with dedicated iOS apps for physical stores. All this makes it a worth considering option for online businesses in Australia.

2.     eWay

By far, the most popular and oldest player on this list is eWay. Businesses trust this payment gateway because of its credibility and secure APIs and preloaded fraud protection tools build on that perception. If you can get yourself approved as a merchant with this payment gateway, you can do businesses without a merchant account too. Best of all, it offers businesses a scalable solution so it can grow as your business grows. Combine that with its exceptional customer support and no setup and maintenance fee and it offers a lucrative package for businesses.

Just like every other platform, it also has some limitations. For instance, only merchants with bank accounts based in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong Malaysia, and the United Kingdom are allowed to make eWay payments.

3.     SecurePay

If you need access to handy extras such as a virtual terminal, advance fraud protection, sandboxing, and payment batch processing capabilities, then SecurePay is for you. Yes, the customer support leaves much to be desired and the hidden fees for PCI compliance and lack of PoS could prove to be a deal-breaker. Take advantage of the free trial and then make a decision whether you should choose SecurePay or not.

Which payment gateway option did you choose and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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