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Learn Emerging Techologies to Succeed

Today, we are living in the era of technology and it is evolving faster than ever. New technologies, such as Artificial intelligence, Big data, Machine learning, Blockchain technology, Internet of things are now familiar to all of us. Companies and individuals which are adopting the new & major trends will be going to succeed in future. The significance of these technologies should be realized and the companies should be proactive to face these dynamic challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

It is one of the most significant technology. The applications of Human-like Robots are increasing at a very fast pace and have already evolved in our daily life. The search engines are using Artificial Intelligence to help their algorithms to acquire smart understanding and producing accurate results. The personal assistant on smart phones is also a good example of applied of artificial intelligence.

The big giant search engine companies spend a heavy amount on such technologies to find new and innovative ways to solve today’s complex problems efficiently.

A multinational American giant company which primarily focuses on eCommerce, uses intelligent voice assistant, analyses the human voice, and generates appropriate responses. The stores operating in the advanced countries are cashier-less which are managed completely with these latest technologies.

 Machine Learning:

It is also among the technologies which enable a machine or system to learn automatically and improves from previous experiences. It makes the system smart,  to learn from the flow of data. It identifies the patterns and responds with minimum or no human interference. The size of deep learning is also increasing enormously.

Machine learning is very beneficial in Risk Management, Reporting, Performance Analysis, Trading & Automation. One of the benefit of Machine learning in the accuracy of translation algorithm which has increased due to this technology

Big Data Analytics

A large volume of data, whether it is in the form structure possesses complexities and it is very challenging to make it meaningful and effective. A most common example is of mobile data traffic & Cloud computing. The Speed of data production is increasing and therefore it is very challenging for companies and public sector organizations. It is estimated that the data is generated day by day in zettabytes and is still increasing. There are many big companies who are generating revenues through big data.

Internet of things:

IOT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical, digital machines & human. Presently, billions of devices are sharing wireless connection with each other.

IOT make is possible to communicate all these devices in real time without any human interventions. On of the common example is the sensors, smart lights, detectors through which traffic congestions is reducing and improving day by day.

In a very short span of time billions of IOT are actively using for the improvement and solving human complex problems.

Virtual Reality:

Today, Virtual Reality is a major source of entertainment & Learning. The V.R has taken the gaming industry to a very higher level. It is one of the biggest revenue generating technology. Many big companies & market leaders in gaming business are using this technology and getting huge amount of revenues by adopting this technology.  Billions of people nowadays, using VR technology today. It is also beneficial in Shopping when customers are provided amazing view of the products.

Cyber security:

Nowadays, companies are spending millions of dollars to protect their system and secure their privacy. The hackers are always trying to access the private life of people as well entering to the systems of the corporate world.

Banking sector has been effected mostly by the cyber attackers. ATM, Credit Cards are the most common examples.

Global companies faced the cyber attacks and lost their valuable data. So it is the time to learn the skills to overcome this most serious challenge.

Block chain :

It is the technology which is responsible for keeping the record behind the Bitcoin Network. Many businesses are realizing the potential of this block chain technology which is expected to gain popular very rapidly In the future. Many technology giant companies are now involved in number of projects which are based of Block chain technology.


This technology ensures the automating process between I.T people and the softwares development. Due to this technology organizations are able to provide services at a enormous speed and at the same time improves their product in minimum time. This technology has gained popularity in a very short span of time and it is estimated that it will grow in billions dollars.

Quantum Computing:

This technology enables to process large number of data at a faster speed. One of the giant search engine company make a remarkable record, by calculating in only minutes while to perform the same activity in many years.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has emerged as a solution to many problems. It provides storage outside the device. Data is synchronized and can easily access anywhere. It is responsible for enhanced data storage and increased computing power. It provides a replacement of physical location for website hosting and data storage. Companies are spending a huge amount on cloud computing. The countries who are spending are the US. China & UK.


Technology is evolving at an enormous pace so it is necessary for every individual and the companies to learn new technologies and get themselves equipped with digital skills.

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