How to Create an Effective Search Box

How to Create an Effective Search Box for Your Website?

Can you imagine trying to locate product information on a website but being unsuccessful? We all have been in such a situation and know how frustrating it can be. By including a useful search box on their website, businesses may quickly enhance the user experience of their visitors and spare them the suffering.

This post will explain how an Australian web design firm makes a useful search box for your website and why it’s crucial for your organization.

Why Search Bar is Important?

According to a research conducted by NN Group, website that has a search box achieved a success rate of 64% in 2017 but that number jumped to 92% in 2017. Another study shows that 43% of website visitors immediately go to the search box after landing on your website. What is even more interesting is that fact that those users who use the search bar of your website are twice or even thrice as more likely to convert than traditional website visitors.

Since every user has a distinct goal while visiting your website, it’s critical to offer them a search function that lets them find what they’re looking for. It improves their user experience and persuade them to return to your website for more.

How Can You Make Your Website’s Search Box the Best?

These are a few of the amazing features of search boxes.

  • Visibility
  • Space
  • Auto Suggestion


One of the most important factor n creating an effective search box is visibility of search box. It should be placed in such a way that it is clearly visible for every user. It won’t be advantageous for your users to set it anywhere where its visibility may be impaired. The easier it is to click on search box, the more users will click on it.


Businesses also make the error of reducing the size or allowing fewer words in the search box. It leads to poor user experience. Users will not be able to enter the search query due to the character limit or they find it tough to enter their query due to the small size. As a business you don’t want that. That is why you should use a spacious search box on your website so that users can easily find information they are looking for.


Have you ever performed a search on Google? If yes, then you have seen that it will give you suggestions when you are typing in your search query. You can add the same functionality to your search box and enhance the user experience even more. Now, your website visitors looking for information won’t even have to type long sentences, they can click one of the suggestion given below and get the information they are looking for faster.

Do you have a search box on your website? How frequently do users of your website use the search box?

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