How to hire an SEO Company – 3 Questions You Need To Ask!

Now, since you are here, we can think that like many others you are looking to get some credible information to hire an SEO specialist or an SEO company. And, since you are interested in this blog, you must have undertaken research from other sites as well about SEO.

Yes, this blog is all about information to hire SEO expert services and we will certainly look in details things you need to consider before hiring any SEO company or a freelancer. However, just to get things started, let’s refresh our understanding of SEO and why you need it for your online business.

What is SEO and why you need it?

In the simplest terms, search engine optimization or SEO is a suite of digital marketing services that are meant to give online businesses higher visibility as well as credibility over the online marketplace. If you are to list two key metrics to achieve from SEO services it would be i) to get higher search engine rankings (typically we are talking about Google as the default search engine because obviously, it’s the largest search engine in the world) and ii) to be able to build your brand credibility and achieve higher traffic.

How you achieve those key metrics?

Well, there are various tips and tricks involved in the SEO process that help your website rank higher on specific keywords (search queries which users made on search engines). Now, although understanding the entire process of search engine optimization might be too intimidating for most business owners (they don’t need it anyway), the only thing you as a business owner need to learn is the fact that you can achieve all key metrics from SEO process by simply following Google’s guidelines. 

Few important website elements that do contribute to the overall website performance and search results include; rich and relevant content (remember content is the king), creating aesthetically pleasing and optimally functioning web designs and keeping a highly interactive and engaging user interface (UI/UX).

Ready to hire professional SEO experts?

Now, there we are done with SEO refresher, let’s jump directly to our main topic that is how to hire an SEO company.

But with hundreds of agencies and freelancers boosting high of their expertise, how you can be sure of making the right choice?

Well, while it may sound intimidating to make the right choice out of the hundreds of options, following a well-structured approach can certainly help you make a well-informed decision. Below we have come up with some important queries you need to make from SEO companies to be able to make a wise choice.

Q1. How much time you would require to rank my website on top of SERPs?

Apart from being one of the most frequently asked concern from clients, what makes this query rather interesting is the fact that it’s also a “honey trap” question.

Now, if the agency started boosting their chest to give you top ranking within a few months, then make sure you ran away as far as possible.


Well, let’s see why?

See, the problem with search engine rankings is that no one knows how the algorithms that run behind the search engine rankings work (apart from a few Google employees that design the algorithm). In fact, not even all Google employees know the algorithms that are working at the backend of Google’s search engine. And when you don’t know what’s driving the ranking in Google, there is no way you can be sure of getting results within a stipulated time period.

To add salt to injury, Google has a reputation to constantly update the algorithms (now they have gone a step further with RankBrain technology which is an automated machine-learning-based technology that itself updates the algorithms without need of human intervention). Thereby, the leading SEO companies know that they can’t be sure about the top rankings, what they do know are the best strategies to implement in order to continuously build websites’ credibility and improve ranking over time.

Q2. Why should I trust your firm for my company’s ranking?

Ans. This should be a crucial concern for all businesses looking to finalize an SEO agency. See, when you are looking to hire an SEO expert, you are not only trusting the company with key business information but also trusting them for your business growth.

A professional SEO firm shouldn’t just be able to protect your business information but also should be dedicated to help you succeed.

Some of the key aspects to look out for in an SEO company include:

  • A deep understanding of the SEO process
  • A right attitude towards the industry as well as your business
  • Understanding of the search engine algorithms and various tricks and strategies involved in the process
  • A strong strategy to get your website out of trouble (in a case where your website has been penalized by Google before)

Q3. Do they have any referrals?

Your first instinct when looking for a new employee is to look out for recommendations or referrals, right?

Well, the SEO Company of your choice will work much more than your full-time employee and thereby, should be vetted on the same criteria as well. When you are about to hire an SEO company, ask them if they have any referrals (previous clients who can give testimony to their services). Alternatively, you can also check out various online review platforms to get an honest and unbiased opinion from previous clients.

Wrapping Up:

There you have it, three pressing questions you need to ask when looking to hire an SEO company. Remember, your choice will have the final consequences on the business and thereby you need to make a wise and informed decision. 

At Starlinks, Australia we offer clients transparent and ethical SEO services. Over the years we have had helped hundreds of business across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and across various cities in Australia to compete globally with a strong and competent online presence.

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