How To Get The Best Sports Team Logo Design – A Step-wise Process To Best Sports Logo!

A sport’s team fan who actually worth’s the salt is able to recognize the team from distant by just looking at the team’s logo. In fact, for any sports team, the two most important element that relates them to their fans and gives the team its unique identity include team colors and team logo.

While choosing the colors can be a simple process and often the first thing along with the team name that a sport’s team decide on, sports team logo design can be a bit trickier and an extensive ask; especially for people who aren’t well-versed with the process of sports logo design.

I mean, how do you even start the process?

Well, the fact that you are here means that you are looking to design your own sports logo, and luckily you have landed on the right page. Below we have come up with a detailed stepwise process to guide you through the process of designing sport’s team logo – the right way.

Already excited?

Well, let’s just cut the talk and jump on our business.

Why you need a sports team logo?

Ok, before we began explaining the process of sports team logo design, let’s just start with this assumption that why you actually need a logo for your team?

In fact, a better question can be, do you really need a logo?

I mean, what’s bad in just keeping your team name as the identity, right?

Well, for all the good reasons, “sports team logo” is a “nicest thing to have” for your team.

It helps your team get a unique identity

Besides, the logo isn’t just to be displayed on the league table or printed at the back of tees, rather it transforms into the club identity to which each and every team member and fans relate to.

Just like the flag of a nation, the logo of a team becomes a powerful icon, an icon that instigates emotions, sense of belonging, unity, support, and loyalty.

All great up till now, huh?

Well, it goes much beyond that!

It gives your team a professional look:

See, the emblem you are going to design for your team won’t just be to attract or relate with the fans, rather it will become your team’s mission and vision; giving you a professional outlook.

A sports team logo will reflect your commitment to the sports and how serious you are to take along your emblem and your team.

In fact, even if your team isn’t part of any professional league, keeping up with a well-designed and professional created logo will help instigate a sense of professionalism amongst your players as well as on opponents and sponsors,

Well, you get the idea behind the significance of team logo design, right? This was important to mention to give you the idea of enormity and nerves that are at stake here.

Now, let’s just jump into the process of creating some seriously good stuff for your logo…

How to design a Sports team logo?

Here’re the steps that can help you create the best professional logo for your sports team:

  1.    Brainstorm

Every great process began with an idea and that’s also the case with any professionally designed logo for a sports team. Before you delve any deeper into the logo design process, you need to brainstorm about the basic idea you want to work on.

Think about the message that you want to communicate with the team and fans.

We already talked about how the logo becomes the identity of the team right?

Well, here’s time to think about the identity and legacy you would want to carry with your team…

Think about the values you want your team to abide by…

Think about the spirit you want your team to carry…

Think about the message you want to give your fans…

Getting answers for all these questions can be a great beginning for your process of getting the best team’s sports logo design.

  1.    Research Existing Examples

Ok, once you have a basic idea about the looks and message you want to convey in your logo, it’s time to look up to some existing examples.

This is an important step and fortunately one of the easy steps (the blessings of living in an age of the internet).

You can just get on with online searches for queries like “[Your sports name] team logo design” and other similar queries to have some inspirations for your own team’s sports logo designs.

In fact, there are complete websites dedicated to sports logos like:

  • DeviantArt
  • Logo Gala
  • Dribble
  • Etc.

All of these can prove exceptionally useful to get you started with an inspiration.

  1.    Start Sketching

Ok, now that you have the message and inspiration for your sports team logo design, it’s time to jump-start some sketching…

Yeah, it’s a fun part and you don’t have to have a degree in arts to sketch some rough lines highlighting your idea of the logo.

This isn’t the end product, so you can be as creative as you want and sketch as many ideas as you may bring up – there’s no censorship to stop you…

Just try t be creative and play around your mind to come up with some unique shapes, geometries, and colors that can best represent your team.

  1.    Hire a professional Sports team Logo design agency

Now that you have gone through all the steps and have some best ideas for your team logo design, it’s time to hit the market and hire a professional sports logo design agency, which can refine your ideas and transform your “half-ass sketches” into a professional logo.

Now, the idea of hiring an agency over freelance sports logo designer is because of the access to multiple resources an agency have against a freelancer who is a “lone-warrior”.

Give the agency your input for the message “step-1” you want to convey and how you would like to have the shapes or colors and then trust their professional skills to give you the best “logo for your sports team”.


There you have it, a simple yet thoughtful process of getting the logo for your sports team. Now go out there and use it across all platforms and cherish the fan following that’s sure to follow, shortly!

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