The Cost Of Hiring An App Developer – Insights Into The App Development Process!

If you haven’t already taken notice of, but the cafe around the street already has developed its customized app and is rejoicing hundreds of customers ordering from the app. While developing a mobile app for a simple cafe (nothing fancy like Starbucks) might seem to an extreme, the fact remains that mobile apps have an unprecedented reach to millions of users.

Now, if you take a moment back and oversee the impulsive rise of mobile apps, you will be amazed to see how fast the industry has taken over the traditional web users. I mean, at a time when you were still thinking to get your business over the web, your competitor might already have made the move towards the mobile app, quite intimidating, right?

Well, in all reality, mobile app development has taken the online industry by storm as businesses make yet another shift from web to mobile applications. And if you already haven’t made the move than probably it’s time you start looking to get yourself one.

Now, when we talk about mobile app development for businesses, one of the most common questions that we are asked by business owners is, “how much does it cost to hire an app developer?”. That’s understandable because, with a massive demand for app developers, it can be a costly venture to hire an expert app developer.

Now, if you are thinking about hire app developer costs, we have come up with some really amazing tips that will certainly help you find the best app developer at a reasonable price.

So, here we go…

The Criteria to find an app developer:

Ok, before we get into the costs involved in the development of mobile apps, let’s just briefly look at a few important considerations that can help you choose the right development company or a freelance developer:

–         Get a feel for the development

As soon as you start looking out for a mobile app development company or freelance developer, you will be simply amazed to see the sheer number of agencies and freelance developers ready to serve your needs. While this high-competition is certainly great from your perspective (as you get your prices toned down), you can’t just rely on their good-will to complete your project efficiently.

Thereby, before you finalize any company or worry about the cost to hire app developer, get yourself familiar with the basics of the process. There are various easy and interactive online tutorials and guidelines for app development (Android, iOS) which can help you understand the fundamentals of the app development process. By undergoing the basics of the process, you won’t just be better equipped to deal with technical aspects of the project but also will be in a better position to bargain a fair deal with the development company.

–         Experience Matters

How would you feel if I were to tell you that your bypass surgery would be supervised by a freshly passed surgeon or a medical intern? It would be scary, right? Well, the same goes for your app development project. It wouldn’t just make sense to throw the project to a team which isn’t experienced enough to handle such a task. Thereby, always check out the previous portfolio for the firm to assess their technical capabilities before handing over the project to them.

–         Transparent communication

OK, one last important aspect to consider is to checkout consistent and transparent communication channels with the firm you are signing the contract with. The problem here is that many businesses try to hire app development companies from abroad (typically India, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc.), which comes at much cheaper prices than most of the other geographical areas. However, this approach is plagued with disrupted communication due to the time difference and language barrier. Thereby, choose a company that offers a consistent and reliable communication channel, to avoid any unnecessary delays.  

How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

OK, now that we are done with hire app developer considerations, let’s jump to our main theme and look at the estimated cost you have to put out for mobile app development.

Before we begin, just remember that the prices we are mentioning below are just generalized estimation and that they may vary to some extent based on various factors.

  1. Basic Apps ($ 50 – $ 150)

Such apps will comprise no more than a few functions and will mostly be a customized version of general templates available online. These apps will have to be downloaded by customers and stored on mobile devices.

  1. Apps with databases ( $100 – $ 500 or more)

Moving on, these will be much more resourceful apps with a definite size (size may vary) database running at the back-end. These apps will often be stored on the servers.

  1. Messaging Apps ($ 300 – $ 500 or more)

These apps are quite popular among-st young entrepreneurs looking to grab lucrative market sector. These apps will typically use cloud storage and come with advanced data handling features.

  1. Enterprise Apps ( $ 300 – $ 1000 or more)

These represent customized apps that will be built from scratch (most of the time) to meet the unique needs of businesses. Such apps may be stored on the device or the server.

  1. Social Networking apps ($ 500 – $ 1000 or more)

These are one of the most popular and highly in-demand apps and the price tags for such apps may vary as per the functionalities and features requirement.

  1. Gaming Apps ( $200 – $1000 or more)

Again, the price of such apps varies greatly as per the size, functionality, and complexity of the individual app.


So, we believe that by now you must have gotten a detailed answer for “hire an app developer cost”, as well as some crucial insights into the app development process.

At Starlinks, we bring in a premium mobile app development process to our clients for all major platforms (Android, iOS) at affordable pricing. We are an ethical app development company and offer transparent communication & pricing for our services.

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