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Social Media Marketing – Connecting Businesses to Audience!

So, what do you expect from a social media marketing campaign?

Today, social media platforms have become hubs for the e-commerce industry. To get you glimpse of the enormity of social media platforms and its magnitude, imagine a single market with 2 billion monthly customers. You surely don’t want to miss such market, right? Now consider this is just one of the many markets available for your business marketing and the total numbers go nuts when we take account of all different markets available. That 2 billion strong market is Facebook with 2 billion monthly active users, while we still don’t account for users on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

At LeopardSol. We know how to attract these massive numbers to your brands by creating effective and strategic social media marketing campaigns. Our core strength lies in experts who actually loves their job and understand how to create campaigns that actually deliver results.

Strategy Development

>The success of any project depends upon the background checks and groundwork completed before the execution of strategy. Thereby, we ensure that we have all the background knowledge for the project we are entrusted to. Our marketing strategy primarily depends upon the individual business needs, the target market as well as the bottom lines to be achieved. Keeping in considerations all of these, we create a bespoke and flexible strategy to cushion your business marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing

>Once we have our tactical strategy, our experts began their “Magic”. We will continue to execute, manage, monitor and modify the strategy so your business is able to maintain the competitive edge over competitors.

Data Analytics

This is one of the most important aspects of your social media marketing campaigns. Here we are able to monitor and modify marketing strategy on the go. We will analyze the key performance indicators for the entire strategy and modify any low performing campaign, so you get the highest ROIs for your investment.

Content Production

>Content directly impacts the success of any marketing strategy. And you guess it right, we have the strongest team of content creators who can be trusted for their ability to create the most captivating and enticing content for your social media branding.

Multi-Channel Integration

By integrating multiple social media platforms, we ensure that your business gets the enhanced visibility and increased target market projection.

Online Reputation Management

>Brands are created out of reputational management. It’s one of the key social media management strategies that bears sweet fruits for any business. We will continue to monitor and develop your business online reputation management across all social media platforms and ensure your business is transformed into a brand.

Why Starlinks?

>Few companies can match to our level of commitment and expertise when it comes to social media marketing services. Our strong clientele from across the country including Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra; is clear proof of clients’ trust in our services.

>In a short time, Starlinks have become a renowned and well-established social media marketing company in Australia. We are based in Sydney while we have catered needs of all business sizes across the country including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and many more. Our clients respect us for your passion and commitment to service. We are more than happy to listen to your needs and aspirations, rather than dictate our supremacy and expertise. By integrating our expertise and your aspirations, we successfully create the most dynamic and customized campaigns that deliver the bottom line for businesses.

At Starlinks, we are proud to offer the complete suite of digital solutions from web design and development to SEO, Digital marketing, logo design and social media marketing. Our expert team comprises of some of the best and most experienced social media management professionals who truly believe in bringing optimum results for businesses. Our meticulous systems and processes enable us to remain at the highest standard of innovation and creativity, delivering absolute brilliance irrespective of the size and industry of the business.

What differentiates our social media marketing campaigns from others is our ability to listen. Yes, we don’t try to impress you with our strong clientele or expertise, rather we are more inclined to hear out your organizational goals and campaign’s bottom line. Our social media management experts will work with you to chalk-out the best suited and customized strategy that won’t just serve your business reach and exposure, rather built your business’s individuality and brand identity.

Being an Australian based company, we remain committed to bringing the best and affordable social media marketing services for small and medium businesses across the country. Our affordable campaigns are designed to offer the best value for money to local businesses; thus contributing our part in the local industry.

We give your business a chance to connect with people who are eyeing for you!