4 Must-Have Elements when you decide to redo your website design


No matter how functional or exquisitely designed website you got, it will eventually need a redesign in due time. Website designing and development is a continuously evolving process with newer trends setting in the industry every day. This means that your state-of-the-art website, which you have invested heavily at present will eventually get too lousy and outdated in a few years.

So, if you are looking to redo your business website design, we have come up with a few important considerations that will certainly help you redesign the website on modern footings.

Website redesign elements you should never forget:

  1. Responsive Design

In past, I have extensively written about the importance of creating a responsive design. Nonetheless, if you aren’t sure why you need a responsive web design to consider these facts:

–          There are a number of people looking for desired services/products over mobile devices than desktop devices

–          Responsive website design help businesses to get a better ranking based on geolocation services

–          Google has already launched its “mobile first” indexing, which will boost responsive website designs to get better ranking for mobile searches

–          If your website isn’t responsive, you are losing as much as 50% traffic to your website

Well, I think these few facts are enough to stress the importance of a responsive website design. Coming to some technicalities, when we talk about responsive designs, we are actually more concerned with the presentation, content display, and interactivity of the website. I just got a new website designed by a top website design company in Auckland and Christchurch; merely a couple of month ago and the fact that they deliver me an exceptionally well developed and designed website design mean that I am already enjoying high ranking and greater traffic at my website.

So, make sure next time you are looking for a website design redo, go for an exceptionally responsive and mobile friendly website.

  1. Content Management System

Well, I truly can’t stress enough the importance of having a content management system for a website. Believe me, with a well-functional content management system, it becomes that much easy to maintain the website without having to pay for professional maintenance services.

If you haven’t got a content management system for your website, make sure you get it while you go for a design redo. This will allow you to simply change text and images without a professional developer. In fact, you can also add or remove pages, services or products from the website without any fuss.

  1. Blogs

Next comes the all-important blog section. In the past the majority of websites tend to neglect the blog section, however, today maintaining an active and rich blog section is utmost important for any business website from multiple perspectives. An active and resourceful blog section not only helps build your business credibility for users, but it is also equally significant from an SEO perspective.

  1. Calls To Action

So, what’s the purpose of the whole investment in website redesign when visitors don’t get a reminder to take actions? The ultimate aim of any business website is to persuade visitors to take the desired actions (buy products or hire services, etc.). And you need to remind them for taking those actions strategically at every step of their browsing experience. Here is some pressing call to actions (CTAs) you should strategically place across your website:

–          Phone number

–          Subscribe

–          Contact Us

–          Download a free guide

–          Social media follow 

About Us:

Taimoor Khan is a digital marketing expert working with a web design Melbourne Company. He loves to write about trending technologies and happening news from the online industry.